Losing yourself

I’ve been lost, drifting, voiceless, but growing in strength, biding my time, waiting and dreaming. Now it’s time, I’m ready, like a butterfly drying it’s wings, cautiously moving forward ready for my first flight. A gentle wind comes, ruffling my wings reminding me it’s time to let go, trust and be free.

And so here I go, I’m gently testing my wings. Stepping forth, trusting, believing.


Goodbye for now

It is with a heavy heart, that I have decided to take a break from my blog for the moment.

Our family is facing some massive changes, and right now my children require all of my thought and attention. I hope to be back, some time in the future to continue on this adventure, until then, I thank each and everyone of you for your support and love.

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx

Letting Go of the Negative



Sometimes truth hits you so hard in the chest it leaves you desperately gasping for breath.

The source of your stress, drama, the negative is all controlled by the self. I have the power, it is within me. I choose what is happening to me, who I surround myself with. I choose my reactions and responses to others.

I am in control.

That also means, when I am surrounded by drama, I can choose to leave it behind.

I can change my perspective, I can change my thoughts, I can change my outcomes with these alone.

Sometimes though, it is not enough and the same drama will keep resurfacing, in those times, I have to change the people I am with.

Not all of us have come to this life lesson yet, and some of those thrive on the drama, the negative and stress. They see everything as an attack on themselves, as something personal, their lives revolve around the ego.

Sometimes letting go of those people is the hardest thing you have to do, though on the quest to happiness, it is necessary.

I’ve had to let go of a few ‘big’ ones in my time. Relationships that are meant to be so strong they are unbreakable. Unfortunately for me at least a few of these are not.

Letting go has caused so much pain and darkness in the moments. Once that negative energy is gone, it opens the way for the positive to flood in.

The reactions of others to you new found confidence to let go is at times also difficult. We are each on our own journeys and if ours is moving a little quicker than others, it becomes confrontational for them.

Do you notice how groups of friends and mostly either positive or negative? Misery loves company.

Some will choose to learn with you, some will need a little distance and time, and some you just have to let go.

Happiness is a choice. For me learning this is the greatest lesson yet.

Do you have many negative people in your life? Have you had to let any ‘big’ ones go?

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx

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Last night on the news, we saw a young married couple in England who had won the lottery to the tune of $200 million Australian dollars. I know right, that’s an enormous amount of money!! This massive win and the interview that accompanied it, prompted a lengthy discussion between Prince Charming and I. What on earth would we do with all that money? How would we spend it, what on, would we still want to work, would we set up a charity, trust funds for the kids, buy real estate, cars, holidays, pay off the families mortgages? The list seemed endless.

Towards the end of the conversation, we started thinking about what makes us happy each day, things such as a nice place to live, no money concerns, the ability to buy nice things were on the list, however it was the things that money cannot buy that were higher on the list than anything else. Health, happiness, time, love, relationships and gratitude were very high on the list. None of these would be enhanced with money.

We thought, that to a large extent some of these things would be sacrificed with money: relationships with loved ones would no doubt suffer as greed set in, though I am sure at first you would be feeling really grateful for your win, how quickly would it be forgotten in the excess of it all. You cannot buy health, that comes from good living, and again would that suffer from the excess of your new life? Time cannot be bought, much to this disappointment of most of us, though maybe you would find more time in a day if you could afford to give up work, but would you be let feeling fulfilled if you were not working, I know I wouldn’t.

I’m not sure about happiness, I think you would be really happy in the beginning, but would that fade once you were exposed to the greed that a large windfall seems to bring? At the end of this discussion, we decided, we didn’t want to win a large sum of money, in fact we decided that if we were ever to have a large sum of money, we wanted it to come through working hard and putting good ideas into place. That way we would appreciate where we had come from and hopefully not loose those things we value so highly, along the way.

Have you ever wondered what you would do with a large amount of money?

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx

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Wise Words Wednesday

Let-it-go-quoteThis is my lesson of the moment. I try to control every little detail of my life, no wonder I am so stressed. I have recently realised that this is not healthy for me, I must learn to let go of the things that are beyond my control. Further than that, I am trying not to think about them at all, I am trying to relax into life and let it be. Trust in God and the universe to show me the way. I will send out good thoughts about what I want in my life and work hard to achieve it, but not over analyse what is happening along the journey. Trust and let it be what it is.

Are you good at letting go and not worrying about things you have no control over?

Blessings and Love, Nicole xxx

Wise Words Wednesday


There is no way I could have ever expected to ‘meet’ my Prince Charming. As is typical, he arrived in my life at a time when I wasn’t looking. Realising I was in love came with an unexpected rush, and we found it is true what they say, when you meet the one, you just know. One of my favourite things about our relationship, is the commitment we have together to challenge one another, in a supportive way.  We speak freely and with a deep honesty, one like I have not experienced before. We call it like it is, even if one of us doesn’t like what we hear. We hold a mirror up to each other and show who we are. Such a profound love has come from this commitment, one that I do not have a vocabulary to explain. We are blessed with love, true, deep, and sometimes challenging love.

Does your love for your life partner challenge the way you think?

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx

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Weekly Grateful Round Up

Welcome to the ‘Better late than never edition’ Every day grateful round up! So not grateful for crappy internet, has been on the blink for a week now!! Anyhoo, this week I have been feeling very grateful…….

2nd March 2014 I am grateful to be home. It’s been a long Sunday of kids sport and I am just so happy to be in my own space


3rd March 2014 I am grateful for music. This is my Bose system that I recieved for my birthday. I love the way music can change a mood

1796541_659530367426749_1112298201_n4th March 2014 I am grateful for new opportunities

1962618_660209310692188_1875779542_n5th March 2014 I am grateful for somewhere quite to sit with a cup of tea and escape our mad house

1723251_660372867342499_1417092875_n6th March 2014 Today I am grateful for time with my daughter. Today we shared gym time and then she drove me home in her own car. How wonderfully special, life is good

1229833_660843340628785_1207165092_n7th March 2014 Grateful that at least one of our boys are playing Friday night football, makes Saturday so much shorter

1897001_661266207253165_1742862326_n8th March 2014 Grateful for the calm of the evening


What have you been grateful for this week?

Linking up with Jess, for IBOT!

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx


Facing Fears



This week, I took another step towards actioning my goals. I have been going to a personal trainer for nearly 6 months now, Bec is wonderful, supportive, encouraging and tough when she needs to be. Sometimes we train one on one, but mostly I work with her in a group situation. Our groups are small and comfortable, we are mostly equal in fitness levels and abilities.

Despite my hard work, I have plateaued with my weight loss and my trainer suggested I give some light weights a try. Gulp, weights? Yep weights. But I’ve never been to a gym, all the ones you see on tv are full of perfect beautiful people who are just well perfect, not lumpy, bumpy Mummy’s who have no idea what they are doing. Me, in a gym, I don’t think so.

A few stern words later and I was walking into a gym for the very first time. I think I was very fortunate, the gym my trainer works at, is a new gym and is still rather quiet. My first session, there was only one other person at the gym. I loved it, it was a new challenge, so many pieces of equipment I had new seen or heard of, I was like a kid in a toy shop. I was able to find comfort in being there with Bec, and just threw myself in and had a go of everything. I enjoyed it so much, my Prince Charming and eldest Charming have also now joined, and we have since all attended as a family, one of my proudest moments as a Mother.

I have no interest in lifting heavy weights, just some light toning to help shift this stubborn last few kg’s. I am now mixing my group bootcamps up with a PT once a week, and 2 weight sessions at the gym. I am back to feeling excited and enthusiastic about exercise.

As the universe keeps showing me, I am fine when I put myself in these situations. Most people are here for positive experiences and have no interest in giving me a difficult time. Not every one is like the bullies I encounter at home. Changing how we live our lives, and basing ourselves more and more in ‘town’ is the best thing we have done. All we need now is to sell this house and make the move a forever move.

Have you faced any fears lately?

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx

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Wise Words Wednesday

www.pinterest.comImage Source

I love this thought. It is simple and pure. I do believe that we are what we think, that we become what we think we are. I believe that we must keep a positive self dialog, to do our best to shut out the negative.

The second message in this quote, is one so valueable and true. We teach our children to always be kind with the words. The world would be a much better place if we all lived by this quote.

What words have been inspiring you this Wednesday?

Blessings and love, Nicole xxx


Time for Change

I am probably the worlds most impatient person. Our house is on the market for the second time, and while we have had a few lookers, still no firm offers. I just want it sold today, not tomorrow, not in a week, or a month, today. I am trying really, really hard, to just let it all go and be ok with it happening whenever it happens, but nope, thats not working. Instead, I have to rely on Pinterest and Instagram to keep me and my decorating bug, settled. Honestly, it’s only making it HARDER.

When we sell, we would like to renovate an old Queenslander, we will have to extend anything we get of course, as we require minimum 6 bedrooms for our Brady bunch, but the most exciting bit for me is the renovating. Taking something old and making it ours. Today I’ve been thinking about our kitchen, and how at the house we are in now, it is the centre of our home, I think for our family, it always will be. These thoughts lead me to Pinterest, here let me share what I’ve been looking at…….

fb7c7a0d86396e5383370bf0b87a08e0Image Credit

47efb8e42ad291b369f07a8df72e4d2eImage Credit

a9f2cdf2a10ceedfa3ef7f05c65d1a8eImage Credit

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573e01a3b8a69b3f54e952d7a425999dImage Credit

02e60b5db99b76eb8e1f32ccf767de52Image Credit

I am loving all things white, subway tiles, wicker baskets, timber floors, and pendant lighting. I am dreaming of the cooking up a storm whilst the family strolls in and out. The dogs at my feet, smiles, warmth and love. Is it any wonder, I simply cannot wait to begin again?

What would you change about where you live? Would you like to move from your current home?

Love and blessings, Nicole xxx


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